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Subject: Dominated by David (part 6) Dominated by David (part 6)After my experience, at Dave's house, I began to think out my life a bit. A
lot of feelings and emotions were going thru my mind and body. My body was
definitely telling me that I loved what happened to me. Having those men
use me for their pleasure, sucking and fucking, made for a couple of very
good nights sleep, and some great jerk-off rememberances. My ass hurt a
little, but, felt somewhat empty, and my jaw was stiff for teen girls actress nude a few days. I'm
also looking forward to more of the same. I even got my dildo out, last
night, young oriental teen porn and fucked myself silly, while jerking to a fantastic orgasm. It's
been a long time, since I used that vib.I have always known of my love of sucking cock and eating all the cum of my
lovers, but, now I am a cumpig. I allowed myself to be sexually used by 4
men at the same time. They fucked my mouth and ass, at their will,
depositing their cream whenever they wanted, into one of my orifices. I
submitted to their desires, without question, and loved every second of it.A dog-type collar was put on my neck, symbollizing my submission, my virgin
ass, was taken by these men, I sucked them all, more than once, and I was
in a trance, the whole time. What is happening to me? I sit on the toilet
when I pee, not standing. I have shaved my pubic area, except for a
vertical strip of hair, (like women do), I wear women's panties, all the
time, pulling them up very tight, free teen thailand porn so the high cut legs are sexy looking,
have shopped for some, and worn, women's revealling shorts and tops, and
have worn women's lingerie, when I was told to. I have tried to seduce, or
at least attract, men, with my slutty clothing, worn a butt plug on demand,
fell to my knees hard teen porn clips to orally please a man, when ordered.I can't describe the mixes of emotions going on, the maze of thoughts,
going thru my head, body and heart. What am I doing? Do I want to be a
slut? Is this what's in the future for me? Was I born to this, or was it
learned? Can I stop it? All I really know about the whole thing, is, that I
love it. Being told what to do, "forced" to perform sexual acts with
men/strangers, being called a slut, pussy, cunt, cumpig, boy, whore, is a
major turn on. I get all tingly inside. I also know I crave the cum that
I'm fed. I'm beginning to think that is my driving force. If I can get his
cum, I'll do whatever he wants.....scary thought, isn't it.I don't look feminine, at all. No hips, no ass, deep baritone voice,
mustache, (shaved off the goatee) hairy legs, knobby knees. But, I feel
like I need to be. Could my cum-cravings be a hidden reason for my fem
dress wants and desires? Do I need to be submissive, or is it a "role" to
be played in order to suck cock? I'm always looking for a cock to suck. I
don't care what he looks like, really, as long as he can deliver his
precious juice. He can be short, tall, fat, skinny, good looking, ugly,
old, young.....I don't care!!! Dave has just called me, and told me to be russia teen porn over there, this
weekend, early on Sat. I need to bring some slutty women's outer clothing,
panties, butt plug/dildos, handcuffs, a baby doll set, hose/garterbelt, and
be ready for a wild weekend. Wow!!!! Here we go again, and I'm helpless to
stop it. I'll go and buy what I don't have, and be there on Sat. It's
funny, I looked at women's shorts and blouses today, while doing some other
shopping, but, didn't buy any. I did see some, I liked, though, so, I'll
have to go back and re-look. What am I getting myself into, this time? I
don't know, but, I'll be there, as told! Part of me is scared and the other
part, very excited. I'll be sure to write, and let you know.I have to tell you the whole story, after going to Dave's place, this past
weekend. I got all the things he wanted, and a few extras, as my shopping
permitted. I love looking for, and trying on, women's slutty clothes. It
gives me a huge lift. Again, as mentioned, I can't "pass", but love the
feel of them, touching my skin. Women are lucky to be able to wear all of
those silky, slinky black teen ebony porn underthings...whew!! I guess I am too, though.On my way over there, I was soooooo excited. I had on bright red satin,
brief panties, a pair of cut-off jeanshorts, ,with holes in them, that you
could see the panties, thru, and a feminine yellow, silky, tank top. I felt
sexy, and very "up" for the weekend. This was fri night, and I was to stay
until early mon morning, so I had 3 nights and teen seducers porn
2 full days to be his
slut. I couldn't wait. I had shaved, douched, and pampered myself in a
Caress bath. I smelled sensuous....yummy. When I finally got to his front
door, he opened it, and I had hoped to hug and kiss him "hi". However, he
had different plans for me. I was told to immediately strip, which, of
course I did. He then took the bag of chubby teen porn pic toys, and told me to turn around, and
bend over, after he attached the symbollic dog collar around my neck. He
rummaged thru the bag, and I felt a cold object free teen bondage porn
at my ass. He pushed it in,
without pausing, at all, creampie teens and I jumped at the intrusion. My sphincter
grabbed the base, and I knew he had inserted my favorite butt plug. I felt
invaded, but comfortably full. Next, he attached the handcuffs to my
wrists, behind my back."Now don't ever take that plug out of your pussy, slut, until I say"."Yes, Sir," was all I could say.I turned around and he put a small cock ring, (leather strap with snaps)
around the pussy teens base of my cock, behind my well shaved balls. It was tight, and
I was completely limp......and I grew concerned that it would russia teen porn be too tight
once I became erect. Btw, I always get hard, completely hard, whenever his
cock is in my mouth.Well, guess what? Yep, you got it. "Down on your knees, cocksucker" he
said. His cock was already out of his pants, and semi hard. It was
beautiful. It's weight pulling down, pushing his balls aside. I tried to
lean in and taste him, but, he pushed me back , saying, "Beg for it,
bitch. Tell me what you want, and what you're willing to do to get it"."Oh, my, Sir. I will do what ever you want, if you'll feed me your precious
cock. It has a special power over me, and I'll do anything to feel it's
strength in my cuntmouth. I'm here to give you pleasure. He moved forward, just a bit, and said, "I have a wonderful surprise
for you today. You're going to give me much pleasure, I'm sure". I smiled,
and looked up at his face. He was smiling, too. Again, I leaned in, wanting
to feel him inside teen peeing porn
me, feel his growth in my mouth. To my surpise, he then
moved in, stuck his meat in my mouth, and said, "Ok, now I need to go to
the bathroom, and it teen girls flashing ass
would pleasure me to feel a warm mouth around my cock,
as I piss. Would you like that, boy?" I panicked, a bit, thinking how
disgusting a thought that was. But, I did say, I'd do anything....I' m
trapped. I said, "Yes, Sir". He said, "Beg for my piss, boy. Make me feel
you want me to use your mouth as a potty." "Oh, please piss in my mouth,
Sir. I want to be used as a toilet for you." "I'm going to free teen bondage porn
feed you, boy, and don't spill a drop, or you'll be in
trouble". With that he grabbed my hair, and pulled my face further down his
staff. "Grip it with your lips. I want you to suck the fluid out of me", he
barked. Like trying to get him to cum, I started sliding my tightened lips
up and down his semi erect cock, making him moan. I liked hearing him moan,
knowing I was doing a good job. Then, it started. A fast, hard, river ran
into my mouth. I had to swallow, quickly, to keep up with the stream of the
yellow fluid. He pumped a bit, moaning, as he fed me his piss. It tasted,
salty, and pungent. I almost gagged, but, held back my reflex. Finally , it
subsided, and he was just finishing up. "Grab the base, with your lips, and
get the final drops". I did as told, and he laughed. "Say 'thank you'." I
replied, "Thank you, Sir". "Now you can be my pisspig, as well as my
cumpig", he said, chuckling.As a xxx porn teen video reward, he then, fucked my mouth, grabbing my head, czhech teen porn tgp holding it still,
as he ravaged my mouth and throat. I loved it! "Get ready, bitch", he said,
and sure enough, he shot his seed in my mouth. I was in heaven, tasting
him, feeling his orgasm, revelling in his pleasure. However, I was also
noticing some discomfort, in my groin area. My clitty was hard and the pain
was starting to reach my brain, as the cockring was constricting the blood
flow. The pleasure of his orgasm, was being overridden by the pain in my
body. I tried to stop my erection, but, to no avail. With his cock in my
mouth, I was hard....no fighting it. So, the pain would continue, until he
pulled out. I wanted to be sure to get every drop of his cum, so, continued
suckling his softening member. I needed his cum, had to have it. I was
addicted, and he knew it. I was in quite a dilemma, pain and pleasure, at
the same time, and one pulling at the other. If I stopped sucking, my
clitty would soften, easing the pain, but, my need to get the last bit of
his cum required me to keep sucking....hmmmmm. I kept sucking, getting
every last drop.Thanks for reading this continuing story, and send any comments to
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